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06 June 2024 • 22:30

Ravine Blanche – Site SAKIFO – Scène FILAOS

Reunion Island

Creole urban pop

Maya Kamaty, a fifth-generation mixed-race artist, flourished in Creole culture, influenced by her family roots and the Ziskakan collective founded by her father, Gilbert Pounia, and her mother, the storyteller Any Grondin. Her debut album, “Santié Papang” (2014), was acclaimed by the Charles Cros Academy, granting her international fame. In 2018, she transitioned to a more electro sound with “Pandiyé”, then delved into urban cultures with the EP “Sovaz”. The latter, in collaboration with Sskyron, is a bold fusion of hip-hop, trap, and atmospheric pop, expressing deep-seated anger. Its visual aesthetic draws inspiration from royalty, highlighting powerful women such as Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar.

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