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05 June 2024 • 20:10


Mauritius Island

Seggae / Reggae / Ska

Ninchley Toussaint Matombé, popularly known as Ras Ninin, is a notable artist whose captivating lyrics have earned him a significant following.
He is recognized as a “Seggaeman” and is renowned for his ability to derive inspiration from various aspects of life, including societal, family and political issues, as well as his personal experiences. Ras Ninin’s musical portfolio comprises five albums and two Live Sessions that showcase his exceptional talent. His music is characterized by a unique and refreshing sound that is born out of his collaboration with his KoolKreol band members. Overall, Ras Ninin’s music is a testament to his creative prowess and his ability to connect with a diverse audience.
His music has been enjoyed by many and continues to inspire and entertain people across the globe.

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