04 June 2024 • 21:20


La Réunion


Immerse yourself in a unique musical experience with the group LORYZINE, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity since their emergence on the scene in 2008. Their modern and dynamic Maloya fervently respects their ancestral roots, creating enchanting music that pays homage to the myriad faces of their intense island, Reunion, bathed in the waters of the Indian Ocean basin.
LORYZINE’s performance is a true revelation at every show. These exceptional artists were molded from a young age at the very source of traditional Maloya, within the prestigious Services Kabaré. Their talent was further refined at the Departmental Conservatory, merging their traditional music with their mixed influences.
The overflowing energy of the choreography and staging sparks active participation from the audience throughout the spectacle. Prepare to be astounded on this blended journey, where the boundary between tradition and modernity blurs to create an immersive experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the musical intensity of LORYZINE.

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