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06 June 2024 • 19:30

Ravine Blanche – Site SAKIFO – Scène FILAOS

Reunion Island


Oyé maloya!

If the story of Lindigo were a song, its rhythm would be that of a refrain steeped in love and freedom, with non-stop chords mounted on eternal springs. A thrilling journey, snuggled into a rare music box in which the vocals summon the spirit, where each note deliciously envelops the soul. Oyé maloya!

A veritable ode to life! Lindigo’s magic is at work as their music breaks through the limits of the imagination. Lindigo cultivates simplicity, always authentic. Audacity feeds the words of spellbinding texts until the energy becomes an enchantment. The power! That of a group that connects heaven and earth. Lindigo’s music rises like a hymn to resilience, straight from the Paniandy sugar cane fields where it all began. No false pretence here, it is borne up by a remarkable force that is poignant, striking and rousing!

Lindigo’s incomparable take on tradition, sprinkled with a sizeable dose of daring, enfolds each melody. There is no need for a carapace as everything is in the heart. A heart laid bare where the words appear to the sound of the instruments, where the musical experience fuses with any beat. Lindigo tells their story from Réunion, where all the songs are composed, to stages the world over. A story that has been deeply-rooted in maloya for more than twenty years. From pain to hope, from adventure to love, from joy to extasy, the emotions get carried away and strike the skin with each beat of the roulér.

This fervour transcends their new opus. The songs intertwine, destinies come together. Lindigo, the defender of the maloya culture cherished in each kabar. Thrilling, dazzling, like the sun caressing the golden horizon or the night embracing the world. A light in the darkness. A star called Lindigo. Oyé maloya!

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