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06 June 2024 • 20:00

Ravine Blanche – Site SAKIFO – Scène TI BIRD ON THE BEACH

France – Comores

Comorian electronic music

M’Madi Mwégné, like Loya, was born in the Indian Ocean. Both grew up attending temples that introduced them to their culture. The sounds, smells, and intense colors during ceremonies deeply imprinted all their senses. Both were initiated into the instruments they would later master.
M’Madi began his apprenticeship in Comorian music under the enlightened guidance of Soubi himself, a player of the ndzenzé. His artistic journey took place alongside Elisouma, alongside Comorian musicians Athoumane Soubira, known as Soubi, and Eliasse Ben Joma. As a traveling musician, he collaborated in various musical styles and played with artists from the Indian Ocean such as Christine Salem and Danyel Waro.
On the other hand, Loya began his apprenticeship by becoming a computer engineer, learning to master machines and concurrently embarking on a journey of learning classical music and jazz. Self-taught in electronic music, he developed his own process to transcribe traditional Indian Ocean music on his machines. The two musicians met in 2022 in Mayotte. They decided in 2023 to collaborate on the Komor project, through which they could combine their experiences and invent a new musical form that blends traditional Comorian music and electronic music. After several research residencies, they arrived at a concept that they presented with their first concerts, offering a constant dialogue between the two musicians.

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