Tuesday, June 4th
Touring in Austral Africa

10:00 – 12:00 · Cinéma Le Rex (Saint-Pierre)

Get an insight of touring opportunities in countries from Austral Africa and tips to understand the specificities of this market.

Carine Tredgold (Moderator)

Harare International Festival of Arts・Zimbabwe

    Paulo Chibanga

    Azgo Festival・Mozambique

      Brad Holmes

      Bassline Africa Day · South Africa

        Herman Kabubi

        Bayimba Festival / DoaDoa∙Uganda

          Yusuf Mahmoud

          Busara Promotions・Tanzania

            Dr Sipho Sithole

            Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition · South Africa

              Music publishing : A panorama of the latest updates of French legislation

              10:00 – 12:00 · Agora (Saint-Pierre)

              A practical approach to music publishing contracts for French artists.

              Jean-Raphael Maraninchi

              Sakifo Records ・ Reunion Island

                Tradition & Modernity in Music creation

                14:00 – 16:00 · Agora (Saint-Pierre)

                How can we keep on developing a traditional musical genre without altering it ?

                Willy Ramboatinarisoa (Moderator)

                Ecole des Musiques Actuelles

                  Meddy Gerville, Gilles Lauret, Ann O'Aro, Gilbert Pounia

                  Artistes invités

                    Wednesday, June 5th
                    Touring in Australia

                    10:00 – 12:00 · Cinéma Le Rex (Saint-Pierre)

                    Get an insight of touring opportunities in Australia and tips to understand the specificities of this market.

                    Jess White (Moderator)

                    Akum Agency∙Australia

                      Maggie Collins

                      Morning Belle / Bigsound∙Australia

                        Thomas RIORDAN

                        Sydney Festival・Australia

                          Shelley McCuaig

                          Mona Foma ∙ Australia

                            Kate Welsman (aka Systa BB)

                            Triple R 102.7FM ∙ Australia

                              Touring in India

                              10:00 – 12:00 · Agora (Saint-Pierre)

                              Get an insight of touring opportunities in India and tips to understand the specificities of this wide market.

                              Emmanuelle De Decker (Moderator)


                                Divya Bhatia

                                Jodhpur Riff∙India

                                  Sonya Mazumdar


                                    Eddy Prithiviraj


                                      Manojna Yeluri

                                      Artistik License・India

                                        Youth oriented programming : Which music for whom ?

                                        14:00 – 16:00 · Agora (Saint-Pierre)

                                        Although Cultural sector if often depicted as increasingly tough, programming of youth oriented creations seem to grow vividly.

                                        This panel will study the links between artists, programmers, teachers, broadcasters and audiences, among other questions.

                                        Brigitte Harguindeguy (Moderator)

                                        Reunion Island Cultural Affairs∙Reunion Island

                                          Catherine Bonté

                                          DAC ∙ Reunion

                                            Emilie Houdebine

                                            Traffix Music ∙ France

                                              Sandrine Dupuy

                                              Kabardock ・Reunion

                                                Catherine Vestieu

                                                Fiesta des Minots ・France

                                                  Yann Vallé

                                                  Nakiyava (Festival Hocus Pocus) ・Reunion

                                                    Thursday, June 6th
                                                    Women in the Music industry

                                                    10:00 – 12:00 · Cinéma Le Rex (Saint-Pierre)

                                                    A discussion panel aimed at sharing experiences and highlighting female musicians’ contribution to the industry.

                                                    Eric Juret (Moderator)

                                                    IOMMa∙Reunion Island

                                                      Elodie Da Silva

                                                      Atlantic Music Expo / Kriol Jazz Festival / Lusafrica∙France & Cape Verde

                                                        Sonya Mazumdar


                                                          Hobisoa Raininora

                                                          CRAAM ∙ Madagascar

                                                            Flora Rousseau Valleur

                                                            Good Times Africa ∙ Kenya

                                                              An introduction to new French web-media #AuxSons

                                                              10:00 – 12:00 · Agora (Saint-Pierre)

                                                              #AuxSons is a French collaborative platform dedicated to contemporary world music that aims at giving more visibility and promoting innovative music from all over the world!

                                                              Pierre-Henri Frappat

                                                              Zone Franche Network∙France

                                                                Japan : Panorama of an atypical music market

                                                                14:00 – 16:00 · Agora (Saint-Pierre)

                                                                Sometimes underrated – though it is the second biggest music market in the world – Japan is a solid anchor in the emerging market in Asia. But, because of a very unique culture and specific working methods, some keys are needed in order to enter the Land of the Rising Sun.

                                                                Nicolas Ribalet

                                                                Sukiyaki Meets the World Festival∙Japan