Wednesday June 5th · 10:00-12:00 · Cinéma Le Rex (Saint-Pierre)

Ahi Na’Ma

by Laurent Benhamou and Valentin Langlois
52 min – France – 2017

Themes : Music, Cultural identity,
Reunion Island, Cuba, Tradition, Creation

Discussion moments after-showing.


Originating in Reunion Island, the band Lindigo is the modern embodiment of maloya, a musical tradition inherited from slaves whose practice was forbidden in Réunion until 1981. Invited by the Havana World Music Festival, the band had the opportunity to go to Cuba. To lead singer Olivier Araste, this journey to the land of salsa sounded like an opportunity to embark on an artistic quest around Havana.

Thursday June 6th · 10:00-12:00 · Cinéma Le Rex (Saint-Pierre)
Février noir

Février Noir, vingt ans après

by Selven Naidu
65 min – Mauritius – 2019

Themes : Music, Mauritius island,
Cultural identity, Social claims

Discussion moments after-showing.

Nota : some content not recommended for under 15 y-o when released

In February 1999, Mauritius was shaken by violent riots after local singer Kaya died under questionable circumstances while being held in jail. Many people still remember vividly this period of anger.

Through his documentary, director Selven Naidu dives into this time of revolt and insurrections.